The technological and human resources behind Ventilmotor’s products.




Standard medium and light structures, heavy structures to order. 

Production of part-worked steel and stainless steel components for fans: impellers, screws, motor support discs, motor support housings, accessories and other modular components for the finished product. 

Production of special and ad hoc part-worked components to order: boilers for water cleaners, special electric motors, hubs to design, and other precision structural solutions necessary for specific requirements.


This department assembles the finished product. Dynamic and static balancers ensure that the fan operates efficiently. 
Each product is tested under the future working conditions before it is sold. 
The computerised warehouse guarantees a fluid restocking cycle and rapid delivery times.



The management team consists of experienced, reliable professionals whose careers began with the birth of the company. Thus, VENTILMOTOR’s present and future success is guaranteed by a close-knit, family that is passionate about, and dedicated to, its work, and combines new and existing skills and capacities, with the experienced acquired over the years. Innovation as a tool for prosperity, and tradition as the basis of safety.

The production team is also largely made up of personnel who have grown with together with the company, and thanks to whom the company has grown. Continuous improvement, a passion for one’s work, and methodical modernisation are reflected in a product with a reputation for reliability. New products, technical progress and innovations are the natural consequences of a production team that places improvement at the heart of personal satisfaction.



Ventilmotor is a vertically integrated company. On the one hand this promotes flexibility and means we are better equipped to satisfy our customer’s requirements, on the other hand it obliges us to ensure complete technological compatibility throughout the organisation.

The company is equipped with laser machines, static and dynamic balancers, a test area and the latest scientific measurement instruments.