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Employees, customers, suppliers, in a context that creates human, relational and economic wellbeing. A company as the hub of a complex activity designed to generate value for those that interact with its products. A value that transcends short term profit, goes beyond the concept of producing goods or services, and assumes aspects of belonging, passion, fulfilment and satisfaction.

There is no better way to be socially useful than to do something we know to be beneficial. Hence, VENTILMOTOR is essentially the entrepreneurial expression of the knowledge, skills and experience acquired in the industrial ventilation sector. First and foremost, even before its use becomes apparent, a product is defined as useful if it is well made, by skilled personnel. Personnel who have shown they are capable of moving with the times and remaining abreast of technological developments, as well as innovating and creating, and who, even today, are in a continual state of evolution, within the context of a stable organisation.

Safeguarding the environment is an intrinsic part of industrial ventilation. Among their other functions, fans are required to ventilate, extract, recycle, purify and save energy; operations which are inextricably linked with preserving the climate. We take this responsibility extremely seriously, and increasingly collaborate with companies in the renewable energy, energy recuperation, anti-pollution systems, and disposal and recycling sectors.

The VENTILMOTOR core values can be best summed up in terms of social Wellbeing, Usefulness and Responsibility.
Wellbeing, together with the knowledge of doing good, responsibly.

Lastly, an homage to the entrepreneurial spirit that typifies the professional philosophy of the proprietor Valter Larosa.

“The slave of habit dies slowly,
treading the same paths every day.
Never changing pace, never taking a risk, never changing the colour of his clothes and never speaking to strangers.
He who eschews passion, who prefers black to white, a dotted “i” to that bundle of emotions which make the eyes shine, change a yawn into a smile and cause the heart to beat when confronted with the mistake and the feelings, dies slowly. [...]
Let us avoid death by small doses
and remember that living
demands a far greater effort
than simply breathing.
Only through burning patience
can we achieve
splendid happiness.”

Pablo Neruda
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